What We Do

We aim to be a leader as a business service retailer and marketplace. Our company builds products to market services while we strive to inspire, educate, and motivate our entrepreneur customers. By infusing our products with simplicity and easy accessibility, every small business owner has the chance to accomplish their dreams.

MyWants believes in creating a long-term relationship through the MyWants Brand so that we can provide steady planning, motivation, teaching, and assistance with a continuous stride towards an individual entrepreneur or overall organizations goals, no matter what they are. Our specialty is not the content of wants and needs, but the processes to help reach specific goals and objectives utilizing our MyWants products, services, and resources.

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Our Company

MyWants is focused on organizing the world’s great business resources to make them easily accessible and helpful to take on business – whether you’re trying to start or grow a business, become more efficient, streamline a process, or simply getting things done around the office.

Service Network
MyWants continues to make connections and relationships with national and local service providers. With a network of a wide variety of resources, we are able to provide our customers access to services all in one location.

Local Consulting Help
MyWants is operated locally by authorized agencies who allow customers to interact and get help in person. When taking on a small task or a large project, having an un-biased person to talk to, face-to-face, makes a big difference. 

Do it Yourself or Done for You
Whether you want to accomplish specific tasks for yourself, or you just want someone to get things done for you, MyWants provides resources to learn and services to help get just about anything done. 

“The world is no longer about living simple, and getting by with only the things you need. Everyone “Wants”.” They “Want” something. Even the most humble people “Want” peace on earth, many others want things like safety, to travel, and just plain ole fun. Everyone is different and should be allowed to fulfill their lives with whatever they want, as long as others are getting fulfilled at the same time. Striving for something, that is what we are in business to help people do.”
-CEO, Kelsi Guidry