Sell on MyWants

Generate addition exposure to your services through the
MyWants Provider Network

The MyWants Provider Network provides the platform, network and service you’ll need to grow your service sales via direct,retail and affiliate marketing.

  • Online & offline MyWants stores
  • Direct sales through MyWants consultants
  • Extra reach through affiliate marketers
  • Sales performance reports
  • Rigorous network quality standards
  • Payments via check or Paypal

Those customers you are looking for, are telling us they want and need your services

Market your services through MyWants

  • Your services will be marketed by MyWants in retail stores, online stores, and through individual consultants
  • No need to pay ANYTHING! Only provide MyWants with a special wholesale rate and we will do the rest.
  • Get paid when people purchase your service from MyWants. A service manager will work with you and the customer until the service has been delivered.


Advertise with MyWants Provider Network to access MyWants stores, the ONLY department store retail model for sales and distribution of services. By partnering with MyWants, you also gain access to direct sales consultants and the MyWants Marketer Network, who specialize in reaching consumers with a high probability to convert. Read on to learn about additional benefits for providers

Wider Reach

Access marketing channels with a strong track record of driving conversions. Continuously expand your reach via the MyWants Network, the world’s ONLY service retail network.

Service Payments

Reliable sales tracking and reporting keeps your service work paid and operating. Forget about the worry of customers missing a payment.

Service and expertise

Account management, training and launch support help service providers succeed in the network. Our teams and tools help connect you with the right channels to provide optimal results.

Top level distribution network for services providers

MyWants Online Store

Have all of your services available online with detailed information.

MyWants Retail Stores

Have your services displayed as tangible objects at MyWants stores.

MyWants Consultants

Your services will be marked and sold through direct sales from our consultants

MyWants Approved Marketers

Marketers have the ability to sell your service to generate revenue for themselves

MyWants Co-Op Advertising

MyWants advertises in various forms. Advertise your service with MyWants for additional exposure.

Our Providers

Top companies entrust their services being sold through the MyWants Network program. Here are just a few of our providers:

Globe Runner SEO

The Logo Company
Genesis Discoveries

McAuley Freelance Writing

PIB Productions
Wowie Digital

How Much Does it Cost?

You do not need to pay to become a part of the MyWants Network or to sell your services through MyWants. You and a MyWants Provider Network rep will work together to set a retail price for your service(s). It is highly suggested that the retail rate through MyWants is the SAME price that you sell your service. MyWants then pays YOU up to 80% of the retail price when your service is purchased.

Where Will My Services Be Sold?

Services appear in MyWants offline stores, online in the MyWants.CO ecommerce store, as well as on other marketing partners stores and websites. Your service will also be a part of MyWants’ direct marketing sales through MyWants consultants.

How Can I Tell If I am Successful Using MyWants?

It is hard not to have success distributing your service through MyWants. There are no overhead costs or no ability for your services to go bad like products in a store do. Success is determined by the need of your service within the general market. If your services are not selling as you hoped they would, you can look into various marketing options MyWants has to offer to its providers.