We help entrepreneurs and their small businesses plan, assemble resources, and perform tasks through completion of their projects and goals.

Here’s How it Works:


Fill out a short form to convey your wants and needs to us. The more information the better.


Work with a concierge and specialized consultants to help you create a customized solution.

Receive Options

Compare your no-obligation, custom or pre-packaged options and select the best option for you.

Get to Work

You, your MyWants Concierge, and any additional resources get to work on your tasks or project.

We help entrepreneurs scratch items off of their task list or larger “business bucket list”.


How much does MyWants On Demand cost?
You decide on your investment price. We will create 2-3 options that fit within your budget. All transactions are done easily and securely through the MyWants Store.

How should I decide my investment?
Consider these four factors:

1. Effort
The amount of work involved should serve as the foundation for your starting price.

2. Distance
Don’t forget to consider the distance that anyone will have to travel to do a task.

3. Time
Also consider how long the task/project will take to do and any specific time constraints.

4. Skills
If a task/project requires unique skills, or special equipment, be prepared for higher investment prices.