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Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun

Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun is simply a test to see if I can be ranked in Google for a keyword that I saw was open.

The easiest keyword to rank for here is “kelsi guidry is the coolest cajun”.

The next keyword would be the harder and shorter keyword, “coolest cajun”. Ranking for only the word coolest cajun is actually the real goal.

Although these are random keywords that are not really worth anything, the concept is still the same.

If you want to find out details, watch the video and let me know what you think.

How to do this?

  1. Pick a keyword you want to rank for
  2. Create a video on YouTube that is about the keyword
  3. Make sure the YouTube video has the keyword in the title and keyword areas
  4. Create a blog post on your website about the keyword topic
  5. Embed the video into your blog post

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