• microbiz award

    MyWants Wins Micro Business Award

    Kelsi Guidry, owner of MyWants Inc., was the recipient of the Micro Business Award — for a company with one to five employees — presented at the West Monroe/West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards program. Read the full article from the News Star
  • coolest cajun

    Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun

    Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun is simply a test to see if I can be ranked in Google for a keyword that I saw was open. The easiest keyword to rank for here is “kelsi guidry is the coolest cajun”. The next keyword would be the harder and shorter keyword, “coolest cajun”. Ranking for […]
  • Pepsi Lesson

    Comment on Social Media Strategy Lessons from Pepsi

    I made a comment on a blog post on BusinessInsider.com on, “Social Media Strategy Lessons from Pepsi” which I thought I should share. If you read the article you will get a little tidbit of advice for using social media from the perspective of a big brand like Pepsi. Pepsi uses social media be asking themselves “what […]
  • posterous social examin

    My Views on Posterous as a Blog

    I came across an article on SocialMediaExaminer for “7 Ways Posterous Improves Your Social Media Presence” which made a point right off that bat that Posterous “Can Replace Your Blog. My first comment about this was “OK so the first step I read is that posterous can replace your blog…. Are you serious??? A blog […]
  • crummies

    I coined the term “Crummies”

    So, I invented a word… not much of an accomplishment, and it wasn’t much to do so because of the Urban Dictionary platform, but hey, I made a word. It seems like just as many people like it that don’t like it, but whatever. The word is Crummies. I came up with the word back […]