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Looking to get a logo for your new business?

Starting a business means exploring options for a logo. A logo is typically the first thing that gives a business a mark of uniqueness in the world. Like in the “old days” when cowboys created a unique “brand” to mark their cows as theirs, you must start creating your brand with a logo.

With our logo design resources and options, you’ll know you’re going in the right direction to obtain a great logo for your new business. Every business needs a logo, so get started by learning and buying a logo service from our logo resource collection.

* Our collection of logo resources and service options are to help start-up businesses get their first logo, but can also be used to re-design an existing logo or create a logo for a new product or service for an existing business.

1. Benefits

Most people know that you should have a logo for your business. However, most people don’t know the true benefits of having a professional and well designed logo.

  • Customers Expect It. First of all, customers expect to see a visual identity of a business. Especially if your customers are other businesses. A logo instills trust and a sense of stability in the mind of a customer.
  • Look Established and Robust. A well designed logo can give the appearance of being well established. A powerful design can make people think that you are bigger than you really are. If your logo can drive the thought of a national brand, generating business becomes easier. Also, having a logo made of basic fonts or clip-art is unprofessional. An unprofessional and amateur logo drives amateur sales figures.
  • Stand Out and Be Seen Everywhere. Having a unique logo allows you to stand out from the competition or catch the attention of a wondering eye. A consistent logo helps people remember who you are and be easily recognized. Logo elements and ways of design also allow your logo to be placed on any kind of media. Your logo should be able to be applied to websites, shirts, stitched on hats, ink pens, billboards, etc. Think about the “Coca-Cola” logo. It is the most iconic logo in the world. Simple, consistent and can be applied on anything because of its shape.

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2. Obstacles

  • Your concept of what a logo is worth. Many new business owners want to try to save money and launch their business the cheapest way possible. A typical thought is to either try to design a logo alone, get a friend to do it, or purchase the cheapest service possible. Please realize that a logo is your mark on the WORLD! Everyone will identify your business by your logo. The more thought and emotion that is put behind it, the more that will connect with potential customers. The value of a logo is not in the dollars you spend, but what is it worth to have others perceive you as being the most professional. Although we do give logo options starting at $5, is that what you want to spend on one of the most important parts of your business?
  • Price of logo design and development. Price is usually a big obstacle when it comes to getting a logo. Usually, the less you pay, the less value it brings to your organization. However, if you educate yourself on what makes for a good logo and put the effort in, you can get a very quality logo for under $200. Don’t let a couple hundred dollars stop you from setting your company up for success in being branded well.
  • Avoid having a crappy logo. A logo designer will usually go in the direction that you tell them to. Don’t lead your logo designer in a direction that will give you a poor outcome. Understand what makes a good logo and the concepts behind good logo design. Even though you are not designing, your input will drastically affect the logo you end up with. Read below to understand thoughts and ideas behind the most iconic logos in the world.
  • Watch out for complexity. You want your graphical logo to “say a lot”. This usually makes someone attempt to want too many elements in their logo. The more elements you put, the harder it will be to be versatile. Keep it simple. Think of the world’s largest companies and their logos. Apple, Walmart, Google, Samsung, Amazon, AT&T, etc.

3. Resources

*DO THIS FIRST! – No matter how you go about getting a logo, we highly recommend that you understand thoughts and concepts behind logos and the process of logo design. To determine the direction of your logo, we think you should first understand 10 Tips for Designing Logos that Don’t Suck.

  • Watch the 1st video below by Entrepreneur, How to Create a Logo

Read About Creating a Logo – Before having someone start on a logo for you, please spend a little extra time learning more about logo design. Understanding is key to a long lasting logo. Below are some of the resources we think you should read before starting yourself or hiring someone.

Do it Yourself Logo Design – Some of you may want to take on the challenge of designing a logo yourself. We are not talking about using an auto generated logo tool, but actually designing one.

Logo Design Videos

Watch this video from Entrepreneur on How to Create a Logo.

With a well-designed logo, potential clients can instantly discover how your business can serve them.

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Think of McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh-these two impressive logos embody these companies well. But many companies still skimp on developing this key identity piece. Read more at https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/71902

Watch this video from Entrepreneur on 5 Secrets for Making Your Logo Stand Out.

The best company logos have several things in common. Learn how you can design a killer logo by following the example of big brands.

Your logo is the face of your company. It will often be the first thing people see and the main thing they remember. Read more at https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227017

Watch this video from Vox.com on What Makes a Truly Great Logo.

How a simple mark ends up meaning something big. Joe Posner, and Michael Bierut (designer of the Hillary Clinton logo) explain. For more from Michael Bierut on graphic design, check out his book “How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, cry, and (every once in a while) change the world”

4. Skills Needed

Buy Service

Make sure that you have or obtain the following skills to purchase a logo design service.

  • Basic knowledge of good logo design
  • Put your thoughts into words
  • Good communication
  • Patience

Do it Yourself

Make sure that you have or obtain the following skills to design a logo yourself.

  • Thinking conceptually, and outside the box
  • An eye for design, understanding color theory
  • The ability to draw
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

5. Logo Design Options

Custom Logo Design
By The Logo Company
Only $199

Logo Design Contest
By 99Designs
Starting from $299

Logo Design in 60 Minutes
By Logo123.com
Designs $15, Selected Logo $49

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